You asked, so we're telling. Learn how to best enjoy Oaxaca and your time at Día Del Mezcalero.

How do Applications for DDM 2022 work?

DDM 2022 is doing its best to honor all attendees who where invited to our cancelled 2020 event and are still eligibale. Currently we do not plant to open up 2022's event but we will be launching applications for DDM 2023 and we hope many will apply!

Who should apply to Día Del Mezcalero?

DDM is designed for hospitality professionals, members of the spirits industry and, most importantly, Mezcal enthusiasts.

What does Día Del Mezcalero cost?

DDM is a fully sponsored event. This means that aside from your transportation and travel costs to and from Oaxaca, everything is covered: lodging, transportation, planned meals and scheduled activities.

Where will we stay?

You will be staying at the beautiful Hotel CasAntica located in Downtown Oaxaca City, and will also spend an additional two nights out in the countryside at Hotel Villa Nazareth in Ejutla. Just a note: hotel rooms will be shared (double occupancy) in Ejutla, as it is a small town with a limited amount of accommodations.

What about transportation? Is my airfare included?

No, it is not. You are responsible for your own travel costs to and from Oaxaca.

However, we will arrange all transportation for the length of your time at Día Del Mezcalero in Oaxaca.

What is Día Del Mezcalero?

DDM is a 5-day event designed to provide you an unparalleled, personalized and authentic experience in Oaxaca with activities ranging from palenque tours to cocktail parties. By immersing yourself in the best that Oaxaca has to offer, you’ll come away with a greater understanding of Mezcal, as well as the people and processes behind it.

How are attendees selected?

Applicants will be selected to attend based on a number of factors, including the strength of their personal statements, their demonstrated interest in Mezcal, their commitment to education and professional development, and other various qualities. We strongly believe that the selected applicants will truly serve to enrich this experience and cultivate a remarkable community that will last long after we depart Oaxaca!

What are the dates of Día Del Mezcalero?

Monday June 6th through Saturday June 11th, 2022.

When will I know if I'm selected?

You will receive an email regarding your application.

What if I want to go to DDM and don't get selected?

Space at DDM is limited to ensure a meaningful and enjoyable experience. However, you can always reach out to our team at hola@diadelmezcalero with any questions.

Can I drink the water there, and are the rumors about stomach issues true?

Do NOT drink the tap water. We recommend bringing a reusable water bottle or purchasing bottled water.

You will be trying new foods, drinking mezcal, and adjusting to the elevation. This can make for a “wonky stomach” in even the most ironclad gut. Pack smart and a bring your ideal stomach remedy. The DDM team will also be stocked up with supplies and prepared to help.

What do you mean by "meals provided?"

We will be providing you with 2-3 large meals a day. Complimentary breakfast is also available at Hotel CasAntica. You will also have plenty of time to independently explore the amazing culinary scene in Oaxaca.

What is the weather like, and what should I pack?

Oaxaca is around 80 F during the day and drops to about 60 F at night. While June is the dry season, it can rain, so we recommend bringing a rain jacket or umbrella. Plus if you pack it, you know it won’t rain. *bad joke, not a promise*

Pack closed toed shoes and long pants for walking the palenques, and comfy clothes for outdoor exploring. Sun sensitive? Bring a brimmed hat and sunscreen. Tote a swimsuit if you like lounging poolside, and a camera to document all the fun. Pro tip: all agaves are photogenic.


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